What is Seo ?



S.E.O stands for Search engine optimization. is the process of affecting the visibility of a Website or a Webpage In search Engine’s unpaid results which are also know as natural or Organic results. All major search engine such Google, Yahoo,and Bing etc have primary search results. There are a lot of Benefits of learning Seo Such as You will know How to make your website or Blog 1st on Google .

Here is a SEO:Free Beginner’s Guide. This Guide will help you to learn following Topics.

  1. How Search Engines Operates
  2. How People Interact with Search Engines
  3. The Basic of Search Engine Friendly Design and Div.
  4. Keyword Research
  5. How Usability , Experience and Content Affect Search Engine Ranking
  6. Growing Popularity and Links
  7. Search Engine Tools and Services
  8. Myths and Misconceptions about Seo and Search Engines
  9. Measuring and Tracking Success of your Seo Strategy

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